March 2016

No. 28 in Asia | There’s something for everyone at Paul Pairet's “French-but-not-French” restaurant, which serves traditional bistro dishes with a modern twist in a relaxed setting. Stunning views of Shanghai are an added bonus.

March 2016

Chefs' Choice Award 2016 - Paul Pairet: The pioneering French chef whose Shanghai restaurants prompt admiration and awe in equal measure


A great soundtrack, a terrific wine list and bags of French Joie de vivre make dining here quite an experience. The a la carte offers a vast choice of creative dishes which have their roots in France but come with Asian twists and global influences.


(…) 多组合的风味,是主厨想要表达的 Declension 理念,即主题变化 (…) 好像创作音乐室的即兴演绎。

February 2018

Mr & Mrs Bund is a charming juxtaposition of contradictions. (…) Paul Pairet, is internationally renowned for his avant-garde cuisine but here at Mr & Mrs Bund, he pays homage to the finesse of simplicity.

March-April 2016

Breaking All The Rules | The breathtaking Bund views, the casual, whimsical setting, the Instagram-worthy food styling and the consistent year-in, year-out raves of food critics are just some of the reasons why you can't avoid a date with Mr & Mrs Bund when in Shanghai. In the end, it's really all about the food.

December 2017

The mix-and-match menu has a heavy French bistro influence, re-imagined and served up with Pairet’s ingenious presentation.


A vast choice of creative dishes which have their roots in France but come with Asian twist and global influences.

September 2017

Shanghai’s culinary “power couple” (…) all of his culinary in-jokes and nudges and winks belie a mastery of his craft and a keen sense of flavor and texture combinations. (…) It’s serious food that, refreshingly, doesn’t take itself too seriously.


The lemon tart, which takes 72 hours to prepare and is presented as if it were the fruit itself, is legendary.

July 2017

Mr & Mrs Bund,以神秘又正统的姿态,尤为让人神往。餐厅优雅的氛围中带有艺术气质的清新华丽。主厨Paul Pairet来自法国,他出品的菜式除了带有浓郁法式气息,更有迷人的当代创意。 Mr & Mrs Bund has been fascinating diners with its atmosphere and gorgeously artistic feel. Born and trained in France, Chef Paul Pairet serves creative dishes which have their roots in France but come with an Asian twists.

September 2013

L’album de Paul Pairet (…) Jean-François Piège raconte... déjà, quand Paul Pairet était à Paris, au Mosaïc, il faisait des choses extraordinaires. Il a un talent dingue, une réelle créativité, une sensibilité, une vraie vision…

January 3, 2012

Mr & Mrs Bund is above all a festive and elegant... The "modern french eatery" designed by Paul Pairet is really a phenomenal success... Craftsman of the "Trendy Sexy" cuisine which pleases the palate, Paul Pairet signs with talent an innovative approach to the French culinary fundamental, dusting unnecessary burdens to propel it into the era of time and the third millennium.


The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Paul is "intelligent".

November-December 2010

Perhaps Chef Paul Pairet said it best, “Avant garde cuisine is simply the cuisine that takes its roots in the past to build today the cuisine of tomorrow"... Always with an eye for detail, Chef Paul Pairet never fails to amaze his diners with his cuisine.

May 2010

GO LIST - 100 BEST NEW FOOD & WINE EXPERIENCE IN THE WORLD 78. Shanghai’s French star: Mr and Mrs Bund serves Château Pétrus by the glass to pair with chef Paul Pairet’s beef bourguignon.

April 2010

LE TOP 20 DE SHANGHAI - 16. LE RESTO HYPE THE place to eat à Shanghai? Mr & Mrs Bund, le resto du chef français Paul Pairet, belle gueule et énorme talent (TOP 20 OF SHANGHAI - 16. RESTAURANTS AND THE HYPE THE place to eat in Shanghai? Mr & Mrs Bund, the restaurant of French chef Paul Pairet, handsome and with enormous talent.)

Dec 2009

The Maximum Leader- Paul Pairet: the Mastermind in cooking has redefined fine dining in Shanghai. Unforgettable experience pleasure, which was given by the Frenchman from Montpellier.

March 2015

No. 21 in Asia | Democratic French dining uniquely interpreted by chef-patron Paul Pairet

February 25, 2013 No. 7 Mr & Mrs Bund-Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet | No. 8 Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet | Paul Pairet: Lifetime Achievement Award winner

April 28, 2013 No.43 Mr & Mrs Bund-Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet | No. 60 Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet in 51-100 list

March 11, 2016

Shanghai dans les pas de Tory Burch | Mr & Mrs Bund: « Le célèbre restaurant de Paul Pairet qui propose des plats classiques français revisités sur le mode contemporain. Demandez une table en terrasse et commandez un pain à la truffe meunière et du foie gras. »

March 10, 2016

Premium Brunches: Mr & Mrs Bund, Modern French Twist. (...) The lengthy menu deconstructs all the usual brunch classics, with artful takes (...) We're particularly taken with the Real French Toast, which almost tastes like crème brûlée with its custardy center and caramelized casing.

February 5, 2016

Mr & Mrs Bund, also of Paul Pairet, serves French and global dishes using avant-garde methods, family style.

September 2015

Mr & Mrs Bund presents French culture through the dishes in family sharing style. (...) each dish is put together in an artful form, only making it taste better

August - September 2015

Mr & Mrs Bund Modern Eatery is Back! The legend continues.

August 2015

在重新开业的Mr & Mrs Bund,你可以找到这种自信而轻松的氛围。 At the newly renovated Mr & Mrs Bund, you could find the confident attitude and relaxed atmosphere at the same time.

August 2015

名厨 Paul Pairet 位于外滩十八号的经典餐厅 Mr & Mrs Bund 不久前在众所期盼中重新揭幕 (...) 位列全球最佳50餐厅之列,有着深刻法式烙印的餐厅提供流行的法国招牌菜式,但它分享式的上菜理念和多种套餐选择,都让用餐轻松又便捷。

July 2015

Mr & Mrs Bund -去伪存真的法式戏剧 (...) 自由香颂一般的以太慢慢聚集了无数美食家,爱酒人,生活品味家与夜猫子们。 Mr & Mrs Bund - genuine French cuisine (...) its democratic approach and relaxed atmosphere have been attracting numerous gourmands and drink lovers, bon vivants and night owls in town.

July 2015

Mr & Mrs Bund is far from the classic French bistro. The kitchen, helmed by chef Paul Pairet, serves revamped versions of traditional French dishes

June 2015

After a full round of renovating and refurbishing, Mr & Mrs Bund, created by Paul Pairet and owned by the VOL Group, now opens with a brand new face at the scenic Bund 18, gleaming with more allure and renewed vitality than ever.

June - July 2015

多次荣登亚洲最佳餐厅榜单的 Mr & Mrs Bund,在设计师Filippo Gabbiani 与他的Kokai Studios的数月辛劳改装后,终于又以全新面貌回归外滩18号 (...) 名厨 Paul Pairet 精心料理的法国招牌菜式,在加入了新的装潢元素之后,给人带来的不只是全新空间这么简单,而是感官上更为立体的享受。

June 2015

Shocking Delicacy "如果一道菜不需要再增减任何东西,那么它就做好了。" 无论是对待烹饪,食材,技术还是口感,Paul Pairet 都丝毫不带偏见,毫无背景及名声影响,心怀简单纯粹的理念。

March-May 2015

MR & MRS BUND Paul Pairets vielfach ausgezeichnetes Restaurant am Bund ist eine Ikone der lokalen Restaurantszene. Bis 2 Uhr in der Früh moderne französische Küche, kreativ interpretiert. // Paul Pairet's award-winning restaurant on the Bund is an icon of the local restaurant scene. Serving up to 2 o'clock in the morning the modern French cuisine, with creative interpretation.

May 28, 2015

Best Duck Leg Confit | Mr & Mrs Bund may have an all new look, but luckily one of our favorite menus in town still has all our old favorites including a traditional duck confit foie gras and ceps.

May 2015

许多人以为 Paul 只一味代表前卫先锋,其实凡事亲力亲为与扎实的烹饪技艺才是他的根基

April 30, 2015

Seared Foie Gras Pomelo - The rich and fatty seared foie gras along with the brightness of the lime-pineapple glaze is the definition of a genius pairing.

April 2015

Paul Pairet - 无法被归类的厨师 - Pairet 以其动人心弦,极富挑战性的菜式引发无数食客的狂热及好评。

January 2015

Pairet, a French-born world traveller, was the first to bring international attention to the Bund food scene. Very untypical for the glamorous location, in fact it is very simple, always an original approach.

January - February 2015

若只能说一道主厨 Paul Pairet 最著名的菜式,就一定是这道超过10年前的创作 (...) 包含了所有传统柠檬塔的重要元素,经由主厨 Paul Pairet 不同的处理和表达方式,将柠檬塔浓缩至一整颗完整的柠檬中,所谓终极版柠檬塔。

December 2014

Best Food Personality, Readers' Choice - Paul Pairet - Your choice for top food personality is another name synonymous with top quality dining in Shanghai, Paul Pairet.

November 10, 2014 French chef Paul Pairet is a prominent presence in Shanghai’s dining scene. His two restaurants, the 10-seater Ultraviolet and Mr & Mrs Bund, have been voted the eighth and eleventh best places to dine in Asia (and the 58th and 72th respectively in the world). (...) Mr & Mrs Bund, with its homely, inviting name, is a more open experience. (...) Mr & Mrs Bund’s more populist and affordable approach works, and makes the top end more accessible. A marriage made in heaven, then.

November 7, 2014 Paul Pairet Profile and his two restaurants in Shanghai (...) Bold-tasted, precise, daring and innovative

November 2014

Arguably one of the most popular restaurants in Shanghai, Mr & Mrs Bund is the brainchild of French chef and master (...) Paul Pairet. (...) all of this playing around in the kitchen belies Pairet's technical acumen. He is a serious chef with passion for innovation.

November 2014 Mr & Mrs Bund - Modern, unpretentious French cuisine in a prime waterfront location. (...) The first surprise you'll experience is the length of the menu at more than 200 dishes; the second is that the kitchen seems to be able to prepare them all so well.

October 2014

Mr & Mrs Bund - Unconventional French Cuisine

October 2014 Shanghai’s beloved resident French chef Paul Pairet is behind this modern French eatery, where French classics are amped up with a distinctive twist. The extensive wine list, sublimely chic interior and top-notch service have all helped make “MMB” a definitive Bund favorite for years.

Fall/Winter 2014

Best Restaurants in The World: Mr & Mrs Bund | Buzzing the door of what looks like a chic Shanghai apartment is the way into this fantastic French bistro on the Bund. (...) reveals plenty of surprises, including a spectacular tuna foam served in a tin, a dish that symbolizes Pairet’s philosophy of fantastic food minus the pretension.

September 2014

WHERE TO DINE AT THE BUND: Mr. & Mrs. Bund of Paul Pairet, the only restaurant in Shanghai to break into Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013 list, serves fine French food, family-style.

July 2014

Your Shanghai Bucket list - Head to Chef Pairet's other restaurant, Mr & Mrs Bund, and partake of their bargainous late night menu (...) in this location and for food as tasty as the incredible foie gras crumble, it's a steal.

June 26, 2014

PAUL PAIRET – L’IDOLE DE SHANGHAI: Avec sa casquette et sa barbe de trois jours, cet iconoclaste est devenu la coqueluche de Shanghai où ses deux restaurants ne désemplissent pas. (…) Après le success de son premier restaurant Mr & Mrs Bund, il a ouvert en 2012 le projet de sa vie, Ultraviolet. Un food concept au scenario multisensoriel. // PAUL PAIRET - THE IDOL OF SHANGHAI: With his cap and stubble, this iconoclast has become the darling of Shanghai where his two restaurants are always full. (…) After the success of his first restaurant Mr & Mrs Bund, he opened in 2012 the project of his life, Ultraviolet. A food concept in multisensory scenario.

May 29, 2014

2014 Readers' Choice Awards - Best French Restaurant: Mr & Mrs Bund

April 29, 2014

No. 76, Mr & Mrs Bund | The World's 50 Best Restaurants & 51-100 list

March 2014 No. 11 - Mr & Mrs Bund | Paul Pairet’s reinvention of the democratic French bistro (...) has been hugely popular, successfully fulfilling Pairet’s stated ambition of creating a relaxed, democratic and accessible eatery that majors on large sharing dishes. (...) It makes for a delicious and unusual, but ultimately still very comfortable, dining experience.

February 2014

(From Chinese) Mr & Mrs Bund is founded in Shanghai by famous French chef Paul Pairet, who serves classic French dishes in relaxed and free style.

February 2014

(From Chinese) Mr & Mrs Bund by the renown chef Paul Pairet is the only restaurant from Mainland China selected as one of the World's 50 Best Restaurants last year... with its exceptional food, fine wine and amazing view, you can definitely win the heart of anyone's.

February 2014

(From Korean) the whopping menu with more than 250 items is one of a kind. Those are labeled 'PP' mean they are original creation from Chef Paul Pairet. The food is mainly inspired by the chef's advanced cooking. His solid French technique base and the various emotions between the East and West do the work.

January 5, 2014

Le chef Paul Pairet, 49 ans, débarque, lui, en 2005 (...) Rapidement, cet acharné du travail monte son restaurant, Mr & Mrs Bund, qui attire vite le Tout-Shanghai. Mais c’est son nouveau restaurant, caché sur un parking derrière une façade quelconque, qui défraie la chronique: Ultraviolet, un ovni gastronomique ouvert avec les capitaux du groupe taïwanais Vol. Selon le « New York Times », l’endroit est « l’une des meilleures tables du monde ». Avis partagé par deux pères spirituels du Français: Alain Ducasse et Pierre Hermé.

January-February 2014

Shanghai’s cosmopolitan image is increasingly reflected by the city’s rapidly evolving restaurant scene. Big-name chefs from the West sit cheekby-jowl with emerging, homegrown talent, as well as the region’s street-led cuisine. This year saw Mr & Mrs Bund, an upmarket bistro with French-born chef Paul Pairet at the helm, become the first restaurant in mainland China to make it onto the coveted The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Diners can feast on signature dishes such as foie gras crumble and ‘picnic-chicken aioli’ while devouring views of the riverside cityscape.

January-February 2014

Pairet has drawn international acclaim for his avant-garde cuisine. With Mr & Mrs Bund, he focuses on something more difficult than conceptual dining: Simplicity.

December 2013

(From Chinese) Hidden Michelin Stars in Shanghai | Mr & Mrs Bund, a simple, high-bistro in a heritage location

December 2013

厨师 Paul Pairet 自由创意的美食是抱持神秘性的重点... 这家态度自信又放松的餐厅入选2013年全球50最佳餐厅! Chef Paul Pairet's free and creative gourmet food is the highlight... this confident and relaxed restaurant has been ranked as one of 2013 Asia's 50 Best Restaurants.

September 19, 2013

Shanghai's marquee restaurant is Mr & Mrs Bund, which became the first place in China to make San Pellegrino's list of The World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2013. It's a playful French bistro dosed with molecular flair and dressed with a certain Alice in Wonderland-like whimsy to match.

September 2013

Mr & Mrs Bund - Shanghai's signature French restaurant (...) this modern eatery by Chef Paul Pairet is not one to be missed. It serves up global French fare with family-style service in a dining room with an almost Alice in Wonderland-like twist.

September 2013

Best French Restaurant: Mr & Mrs Bund | Best Chef: Paul Pairet

September-October 2013

虽然出名许久,但是作为亚洲50佳餐厅的高排名餐厅,Mr & Mrs Bund 仍然在上海滩掀起了一股风潮 Being famous for a long time and one of the high-ranking establishments in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, Mr & Mrs Bund has been leading the trend in Shanghai

September 2013

Mr & Mrs Bund 这样一个充满无限可能的餐厅(...)每个人都能找到自己的所爱。This is a restaurant full of possibilities (...) Here, anyone can find something he/she loves.

Issue 49, 2013

MR & MRS BUND - Sophistication with Humour. Recently considered one of the top 50 restaurants in Asia and the world (...) Mr & Mrs Bund is home to both sophistication and a good dose of humour and lightheartedness.

July-August 2013

Mr & Mrs Bund: Acclaimed as one of the World’s Best 50 Restaurants this year, and ranked the seventh Best Restaurant in Asia, this is the first Mainland Chinese restaurant to make the World’s Best 50 list.

June 20, 2013 Its fine food by the very talented Chef Paul Pairet blends the frenchman's vision to the modernity and the respect to the tradition.

June 17, 2013 (...) shock-and-awe foodies from around the world. His aromatic citrus shrimp in a jar is one standout on a menu that can only be described as an epic culinary tome.

June 4, 2013 Celebrity chef Paul Pairet's revolutionary 10-seat multi-sensory experience Ultraviolet was years in the making. (…) truly sensory-bending dining experience. (…) head to Pairet's original restaurant, the hip and buzzy Mr & Mrs Bund, which was named in the 2013 San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants.

May-July 2013

Simply Sophisticated (...) "Creative, playful, and updating the social concept of food, Chef Paul Pairet is reinventing French cuisine at his casual-yet-classy gastronomic playground, Mr & Mrs Bund."

June 2013

Paul Pairet: Known throughout the city (and the world, for that matter) for his mindblowingly creative cuisine, (…) Chef Paul is charismatic presence on Shanghai’s dining scene, with a devilish sense of humor and a straightforward attitude, which belies his complex and layered cuisine. Dessert | Mr & Mrs Bund's Lemon & Lemon Tart. MMB just ranked 43rd on the list of the world’s best restaurants, so try your best to resist the urge to lick your plate at Shanghai’s F&B pride and joy.

May 23, 2013

Mr & Mrs Bund | CW Readers’ Choice Award 2013: Restaurant of the Year, Best French, Best Business Lunch

May 2013

Asia's 50 Best Restaurants | No. 7 Mr & Mrs Bund | No. 8 Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

April 30, 2013

The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants, A List of The Newcomers (...) Shanghai's Mr. & Mrs. Bund came in at number 43. The restaurant is run by Paul Pairet, who specializes in preparing bistro dishes with a modern twist. (...)

April 30, 2013

Le restaurant du Perpignanais Paul Pairet, 43e meilleure table du monde

April 17, 2013 Mr & Mrs Bund is a great choice for those who are looking for French food refined.

March 20, 2013

Paul Pairet, un chef français au sommet à Shanghai | Omnivore 2013 Paris

March 28, 2013 S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants last month released the results of its inaugural rankings for Asia—awarding its first Lifetime Achievement Award to a French-born chef with two restaurants in the top 10.

March 12, 2013 TASTE AND TRANSCENDENCE (…) His food was world class, his restaurants convivial. Pomp and stuffiness were nowhere to be seen. (…) He’s pushed the boundaries of how people experience food. That experience is unimaginable in the extreme.

January/February 2013 Chef Paul Pairet is Shanghai’s favorite adopted son, a French-born world traveler whose restaurant was one of the first to bring international attention to the Bund food scene, and his mix of glamour and playfulness set the tone for what came after.

January 25, 2013

Top 10 Restaurants To Explore In Asia Mr & Mrs Bund (...) Juxtaposing a modern design with classic French favorites, this restaurant will leave the most patriotic French traveler in awe.

January 2013

"Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" Paul Pairet has been voted the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

November 2011

Mr & Mrs Bund – No. 7 in Asia’s Top 20, No. 1 in China

December 18, 2012 Among the best Western restaurants is Mr & Mrs Bund

December 14, 2012 If you make a visit to Shanghai, decide to splurge a bit on one of the best and most popular restaurants in town. Mr. & Mrs. Bund (...) This chic, contemporary restaurant is extravagant in every detail.

December 9, 2012 Paul Pairet receives the Lifetime Achievement Award (from Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants).

November-December 2012

ASIA TOP 10 RESTAURANTS 01. Fantastic Food on the Bund in Shanghai, Mr. & Mrs. Bund Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet, Shanghai You will be amazed by quality and variety of the dishes from Chef Paul Pairet.

November 16-18, 2012

240 international chefs invited by Monte-Carlo SBM and Alain Ducasse gathered in celebrating 25 years of culinary creation at Le Louis XV. Chef Paul Pairet was invited to take part in “live cooking” exhibits among other 13 chefs.

November 8, 2012

This year saw Mr & Mrs Bund, the haute bistro owned by the VOL Group with French-born chef Paul Pairet at the helm, become the first restaurant in mainland China to make it into the top 100 places to eat in the world, as voted for by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants academy of over 900 industry figures.

November 2012

Request a table at Mr & Mrs Bund, a restaurant to see and be seen.

October 2012 A great leader who exceeds his masters. His dishes are amazing and always surprising sobriety in alliances.

October 1, 2012

Best Bites on the Bund (...) the best French food in all of Shanghai at Mr. & Mrs. Bund.

September 2012

The favorite French chef in the city, Paul Pairet, redefined the classics of the French cuisine (…)

September 2012

Best French & Best Fine Dining | Mr & Mrs Bund: The place to go for a truly luxury experience, everything about chef Paul Pairet’s Bund restaurant oozes crème de la crème

September 2012

In this chic and classy eatery with a stunning view of Pudong on the opposite bank, owner/chef Paul Pairet and his playful mod-French cuisine have both attained a certain – make that large – degree of fame in Shanghai.

Summer 2012

Mr & Mrs Bund(...)This upscale restaurant is(...)a glitzy thoroughfare with neo-classical buildings and stunning views of Pudong's skyline across the Hunagpu River.

July 14, 2012

Mix & Match of French cuisine at Mr & Mrs Bund Ranked No. 95 in the World's Best 100 by Restaurant magazine UK in April this year, Mr & Mrs Bund is the only restaurant in such a shortlist from mainland China. The restaurant features classic French cuisine by Chef Paul Pairet's interpretation.(...) In his French classic dishes, he mixes with some Chinese ingredients that match perfectly, which couldn't be narrowed as the so called "Fusion".

July 2012

菜肴的出品宛若一件件艺术品,是主厨 Paul Pairet 杰出之作,极尽想象力和高要求,甚至带着属于他自己的一丝固执。 The food here is the masterpiece from Chef Paul Pairet, like culinary art from his high demand and imaginative interpretation, with a hint of this perfectionist’s stubbornness.

May 31, 2012

2012 Readers' Choice Awards: Best Atmosphere, Best Business Lunch and Best French Restaurant

April-June 2012

Mr & Mrs Bund is the place to be in Shanghai (…) Paul Pairet, talented French exile in the city of possibilities heads the cuisine of this restaurant, designates as one of the top three in China, and best French restaurant in Shanghai.

May, 2012

No.95, Mr & Mrs Bund-Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet in 51-100 list | The World’s Best Restaurants 2012

April 28, 2012 The modern French food takes a similar sophisticated-but-witty approach… (…) Celebrated French chef Paul Pairet is renowned for his clever and humorous approach to cooking as well as his technical perfectionism. (…) The atmosphere is elegant but quirky. The ambience at Mr & Mrs Bund is in keeping with chef Pairet’s stylish-but-witty food philosophy.

March 2012

The impressive menu created by Paul Pairet, casual atmosphere and mastery in creating simple and popular dishes that we all love - is the essence Mr and Mrs Bund.

March 2012

Mr & Mrs Bund is the simplicity and the essence of French cuisine signed by master Paul Pairet with an impressive menu of over 300 items.

February 21, 2012

A modern French cuisine of Chef Paul Pairet and VOL Group for gourmets and bon vivants. Pairet has received numerous awards for his avant-garde cuisine and become very famous in Shanghai.

January 5, 2012

No list of Shanghai’s best lemon tarts could ever be complete without Paul Pairet’s iconic “Lemon & Lemon Tart”... Not only is Pairet’s creation the most imaginative lemon tart in Shanghai, it’s also the tastiest.

January 2012

we love the regular fries here (hand-cut French fries allumettes) just by themselves a big bowl of delightfully airy fries served with both the Dijon sorbet and a delicious foamy aioli dip.

January 2012

In Shanghai, French chef Paul Pairet is a great success.

December 5, 2011

Signature Dish - Lemon & Lemon Tart by Paul Pairet - "Absolute essentials in a perfect combination"

December 2011

Mr & Mrs Bund can be categorised as a French restaurant, but head chef Paul Pairet has given it a new twist with deconstruction and reconstruction (...)

November 30, 2011

Mr & Mrs Bund, an unforgettable memory - A modern décor of contrasts offers a stylish design with the original character: (…) here it plays with textures and ingredients, in the room as well as on the plate.

November 9, 2011

The 2011/12 Miele Dining Guide has been released and it looks like Shanghai has some culinary bragging rights. Mr & Mrs Bund has made it to Asia's Top 20 best restaurants list, placing 7th. That's out of about 500 restaurants from 17 countries that even made the cut for consideration on this list. This is - the first time ever in the Miele Guide's young career that a Shanghai restaurant has placed above 10.

November 7, 2011

Mr & Mrs Bund, where Paul Pairet serves French comfort food with modern flair.

Autumn 2011

October 2011

Paul Pairet’s lemon tart invention is at once simple and complex. It appears at the table like a single, shining, undisturbed lemon... Fork into it, place the candied peel and a collection of the fillings in your mouth, look skyward or close your eyes and you’ll think, yes, it was all worth it.

October 2011

Paul Pairet, the chef at this incredibly sleek restaurant, pairs an almost James Bond level of visual suavity with the best Western-style food in Shanghai.

September 2011

(...)celebrated French chef Paul Pairet, have set up elegant Western-style restaurants on The Bund. Here you can eat world-class food produced by international chefs at their respective restaurants… Mr & Mrs Bund.

September 2011

September 2011

Best French: Mr & Mrs Bund- French classics get a cosmopolitan boost thanks to Paul Pairet's inventive cooking.

September 2011

Run by heralded French Paul Pairet, this outstanding dining experience boasts a titanic French-ish menu with 250 very innovative dishes

August 2011

August 2011

Pairet is a thoughtful, humorous personality, and his restaurant's kaleidoscopic interior sets a lively, informal tone. Service is gracious and French-trained but unstuffy, while the modern European cuisine blends updated classicism with Pairet's molecular tendencies.

July 23, 2011

Mr and Mrs Bund is a top French restaurant run by chef Paul Pairet, who has become a celebrity in Shanghai for turning fine dining into fun dining.

July 8 2011

July 3, 2011

Chef Paul Pairet looks like Che Guevara, sounds like Serge Gainsbourg... His style is seemingly contradictory: flamboyantly confident showmanship combined with pared-back simplicity.

June 17, 2011

If you only go to one Western restaurant in town, make it the hip, buzzy Mr & Mrs Bund.

June 16, 2011

Restaurant of the Year & Best French 2011 - Mr & Mrs Bund has become such a staple on the scene... Paul Pairet’s Bund-side spot is a testament to just how good Shanghai’s dining scene is getting.

June 2011

the modern international chic of Mr and Mrs Bund, where uber-cool French chef Paul Pairet presents a playful take on classic French cuisine in a chic shared plate menu, served at fantastic feasting tables surrounded by exaggerated tall thrones.

June 2011 This is dining for the innovative: think fine French cuisine with a bold sense of fun.

May/June 2011

If you have one night in Shanghai, don’t miss “the rib”—yes, “the rib”—and the shrimp in a jar at Mr. & Mrs. Bund.

May 2011

Mr & Mrs Bund has been designed by Chef Paul Pairet as a French eatery for everyone, a great meeting place for friends & family. The theme "sharing" is reflected throughout the whole design of the restaurant.

April 2011

Shanghai’s 50 Best Dishes - Mr & Mrs Bund: Picnic chicken. Simple and divine

March 28, 2011

First and foremost, Mr & Mrs Bund is simple. No unnecessary bells and whistles here. (…) This time, Pairet has turned his exacting talent to popular food – French at its very core, international around the edges

March 2011

Mr & Mrs Bund is simple. No unnecessary ingredient. Even located in such a heritage building Bund18, the atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxing and chic.

March 2011

One of the Best in Shanghai 2011

February 22, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Bund in Shanghai. Not only do they serve authentic French cuisine, the wines are also fantastic. The decor makes you feel like you are in an uber chic home, which is both trendy and welcoming.

February/March 2011

Mr & Mrs Bund, an elegant brasserie under the wing of high-flying French chef Paul Pairet. Dressed in a jaunty designer flat cap, he plays the role of edgy kitchen maverick with aplomb.


A “Modern French Eatery” by Shanghai’s famous chef Paul Pairet. Mr & Mrs Bund endeavours to be Shanghai’s first late night dinning restaurant.

December 26, 2010

One of Shanghai's forerunners in molecular gastronomy, Paul Pairet, says focus on technique for technique's sake is old hat. (…) "What I do is just take the roots of the cuisine in the past to build today the cuisine of tomorrow."

December 2010

December 2010

外滩18号楼上的Mr & Mrs Bund以其环境和菜色造就出了新的浪漫地标 (...) Paul Pairet本身的号召力也是一大看点, 厨师的名字带动餐厅的名声, 也是餐厅步入国际化的一大象征。 Located at Bund 18, Mr & Mrs Bund has become a new romantic landmark for its ambiance and cuisine (...) Another main attraction is Paul Pairet himself, who makes his restaurant globalized simply with his reputable name.

November 23, 2010

Some winter nights in Shanghai are terribly cold... the clever ones visit the Mr. & Mrs. Bund. Like seasons chef Paul Pairet’s thematic restaurants keeps changing, If jade on 36 was sophisticated and avant-garde, Mr. & Mrs. Bund is Homely. Not to mention Ultraviolet which is on it’s way and will blow your mind.

November 21, 2010

A Bund meal is central to the Shanghai experience: the contemporary French menu from chef Paul Pairet, adorable food presentation and ambience at this restaurant make it all the more essential; dishes with a “pp” tag are the chef’s personal creations, including the standout lemon and lemon tart.

November 21, 2010

Also not to be missed are the many great restaurants packed into a city that prides itself on its cuisine. Our favourite was Mr & Mrs Bund, an Asian fusion restaurant presided over by the French chef Paul Pairet.

November 11, 2010

Meet the Chef – Paul Pairet of Mr. & Mrs. Bund - The clever genius behind Mr. & Mrs. Bund’s lively yet serious menu (…) I have never been to a French restaurant quite like this one. The meal was playful, the dishes idiosyncratic yet classic, presentations experimental yet unfussy, the service impeccable yet warm and casual and the overall quality of the foods…well, quite possibly flawless. (…) So building on the poetry analogy, if Chef Pairet were a poet perhaps he would combine the flawless, classic style of Emily Dickenson with the raw emotion of Anne Sexton and top it off with a sprinkling of the brilliant irreverence of Dr. Seuss.

November 11, 2010

This eccentric French-inspired restaurant from renowned chef Paul Pairet stays open 'til 4am, meaning you can devour high-minded bites - like a delicate foie gras crumble - mere hours before the sun comes up.

November 8, 2010

We've yet to meet anyone who doesn't like Paul Pairet's signature Lemon & Lemon “tart.”... “The [Paul Pairet] approach to lemon tart is mindboggling. Trust me. Go there, eat this.”

November 7, 2010

Open until 4 a.m., Mr & Mrs Bund is by far your best option for late-night, high-end Bund dining.

November 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Bund, Chef Paul Pairet’s lively, modern French restaurant offers all-day people-watching.

November 2010

Best French - Mr & Mrs Bund ★★★ French brasserie cuisine never had it so good, creative, or playful. At international chef sensation Paul Pairet's excellent new modern French eatery.

October 29, 2010

Prenons l’exemple de Mr et Ms Bund à Shanghai le restaurant très hip du français Paul Pairet (...) Pas de doute Mr et Mrs Bund est le passage obligé de Shanghai.

October - November 2010

Dubbed a modern French eatery, Mr. & Mrs.Bund by chef Paul Pairet offers 250 classic dishes on its à la carte menu, including classics like foie gras and beef bourguignon. The extensive wine list offers 32 types of wine by the glass.

October 22, 2010

Mr. Pairet, who now runs the casual Shanghai brasserie Mr & Mrs Bund, has a new project in the works: A tiny 10-seat restaurant called Ultraviolet that's equipped with state-of-the art technology (…) Until then, diners can sample the best of his "experiments," such as his Lemon & Lemon Tart, a mischievous and witty take on a traditional French tarte au citron. It has been in his repertoire for over a decade, but remains a hit because of its visual trickery (…)

September 29, 2010

Beautiful people, it seems, are magnetically drawn to Mr & Mrs Bund Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet, a French restaurant-cum-nightlife hot spot in the stony Bund18 building.

September 2010

Paul Tchen, General Manager at The Peninsula Shanghai: Mr & Mrs Bund remains my favourite – stylish surrounds, serving simple but delicious food, beautifully presented. Han Feng, fashion designer: Mr & Mrs Bund ...the food is new French cuisine cooked by chefs who aren’t afraid to experiment (and never fail). The presentation is great and the food’s top quality yet unpretentious.

September 2010

2010 BEST FRENCH RESTAURANT - For Gallic gastronomy there’s nothing greater in Shanghai than this Bund hot spot. And this year, your votes were proof. It was no contest.

September 2010

GASTRO - MR & MRS BUND / Par ici la créativité et le goût sublimé! (...) Here the creativity and taste are sublime!

September 1, 2010

Paul Pairet - Chef in Style

August 16, 2010

Restaurant to Watch in Shanghai - Mr & Mrs Bund by Paul Pairet. Anyone heading out to Shanghai should not miss a dining experience at Mr & Mrs Bund. (...) Mr & Mrs Bund is one restaurant to watch in Shanghai's up-and-coming dining scene.

August 2009

佳肴美酒江上风 French delicacy, fine wine, and breeze on the Bund

July 8, 2010

Mr et Mrs Bund. L'adresse à la mode de Paul Pairet. Ici, des classiques français revus. (Mr and Mrs Bund. The Fashionable address of Paul Pairet. Here, classic French refined.)

April - June 2010

Mr & Mrs Bund: Paul Pairet is the name on every self-respecting foodie's lips... he riffs on classic French cuisine and plays on options... it's customization at its finest.

June 17, 2010

Find of the Week-The Cod Piece on the menu at Mr & Mrs Bund... served on jasmine and coriander rice, the fish is as soft as velvet–a treat for your tongue. There’s not a flake in sight.

June 3, 2010

Best French: Chef Paul Pairet's hip new restaurant stormed this category… / Best New Comer: Paul Pairet's Bund-side French eatery has been wooing diners with a playful and inventive menu served in a super-relaxed environment.

June 2010

Celebrated French chef Paul Pairet... developed a personal sense of cuisine that played with texture, temperatures, and preconceived notions of what defines good food. He carved out an international reputation for daring, innovative cuisine, fueled with provocative comments such as “truffles are in no way more important than Coca Cola.” Now, he’s at the helm of the contemporary French eatery Mr and Mrs Bund while working on a personal project called Ultraviolet which will launch later this year.

June 2010

Chef Paul Pairet gained a reputation for his highly daring, sophisticated and original cuisine at Pudong Shangri-La’s Jade on 36. In 2009, the culinary wizard opened Mr & Mrs Bund, a French restaurant for everyday dining with a novel Chinese communal-style concept. (...) ULTRAVIOLET, an exciting new concept restaurant that he has been working on for over 10 years.

June 2010

Se avete qualche dubbio sulla cucina cinese, qui vi troverete in un paradiso gastronomico. Prima tappa: Mr & Mrs Bund, il ristorante per vedere ed essere visti. Ai fornelli, c'e lo chef francese Paul Pairet, osannato come una rockstar. (...) If you have any doubts about Chinese cuisine, here you will find yourself in a gastronomic paradise. First stop: Mr & Mrs Bund, the restaurant to see and be seen. In the kitchen, there is the French chef Paul Pairet, hailed like a rock star (...)

May 28, 2010

A Culinary Surprise on the Bund: Mr & Mrs Bund offers a homey feel, backed by a large, enticing menu. (...) star chef PaulPairet has developed something different.

May 27, 2010

French chef Paul Pairet (…) leads one of the best restaurants in Shanghai, Mr. & Mrs. Bund. His canteen chic - dubbed "modern eatery - a full house every night.

May 18, 2010

40 Shanghai Foods We Can't Live Without / Lemon & Lemon Tart, Mr & Mrs Bund – Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet / This tart is unbelievable… the single best dessert in the city.

May 2010

It’s quite simply, the most extraordinary dining experience you will have in Shanghai... chef extraordinaire Paul Pairet’s famous texture-switch dishes... science experiments that produce edible art, as visually pleasing as the taste.

April 2010

This great contemporary brasserie... with 300 a la carte dishes by Paul Pairet, including an almost hallucinatory grilled toast... Not to mention his destructured lemon tart. The mousse, the texture, the taste, everything is there... It's a Must.

April 29, 2010

Helmed by the famous Paul Pairet, this casual chic restaurant takes up a sprawling space at the grand Bund 18 building. The concept is contemporary, yet relaxed and funky.

April 27, 2010

MR & MRS BUND - TABLE FOR THE FUTURE One creative brasserie where the French chef Paul Pairet concocts a tasty molecular cooking and avant-garde. In June, he will open a new place called Ultraviolet: On one table of ten people, surrounded by a spherical video screen, you will taste the dishes in accordance with sound and projected images. Cosmic!

April 22, 2010

Mr & Mrs Bund is one of the trendiest tables. The Bund-side dining room and river views are a treat, but the main draw is the acclaimed French Chef Paul Pairet’s classic French comfort fare and trademark quirky creations.

April 2010

He (Paul Pairet, Mr & Mrs Bund)... have set up meal for a standard of authentic French cuisine in the city. The French chef Paul Pairet does not follow the rules, and often amazes you with lots of surprises!

April 2010

Shanghai’s Best Restaurant 2010 The historic former building of Standard Chartered houses the eponymous Mr & Mrs Bund across from the towering "Oriental Pearl". Romantic, graceful.

April 2010

this is chef Paul Pairet's house, and "typical" is the last word that applies to this creative culinary master

April / May 2010

The menu, by French chef Paul Pairet, bounces between such whimsical dishes as jumbo tiger prawns steamed in jars with lemongrass and vanilla, and classic Gallic fare like boeuf bourguignon, all brought to your table by trendy, sneaker-shod waiters

April 2010

The New Cuisine in China - the trendy restaurant Mr & Mrs Bund. The smart Frenchman Paul Pairet cooks unorthodox.

March 15, 2010

International chef sensation Paul Pairet has left the heights of the Shangri-La Hotel's Jade on 36 restaurant for his own star turn on Shanghai's most famous street, the Bund

March 10, 2011

Mr & Mrs Bund is the home of French "culinary egalitarian" chef Paul Pairet, whose extensive mix-and-match style menu has earned him a great reputation.

March 5, 2010

Chef Paul Pairet creates imaginative dishes in a chic environment - at my visit, I was blown away by the prawn steamed in a mason jar with lemongrass dish, and the lemon tart cooked whole inside the lemon for three days, and served inside the lemon rind!

Spring 2010

Both Chef Paul Pairet and Jean-Georges’s restaurants share the foundation of French cuisine, but each chef integrates the influence of Chinese culture into their restaurants in separate ways. Their diverse culinary products illuminate the unlimited application of ideas that stem from exploration and experimentation.

March 2010

High-Flying Dinners: Most of the best restaurants for power dinners are on the Bund… Mr. and Mrs. Bund serves classic French

March/April 2010

Chic and Trendy ‘Must-See’ Places: Mr & Mrs Bund The gigantic menu at Mr & Mrs Bund was created by renowned Shanghai-based chef, Paul Pairet, and offers diners ‘global French’ cuisine in a stylish,‘modern-regal’ setting.

January 19, 2010

If you have time for only one gustatory indulgence in Shanghai, make it Mr & Mrs Bund.... On offer is a part progressive, part classical menu made for sharing and this seems to have struck the right chord with the hip and beautiful dining crowd.


Mr and Mrs Bund is a show-stopping Shanghai restaurant. Taking a break from the molecular cuisine that made his name at Shangri-La's Jade on 36, French chef Paul Pairet returns to his roots offering modern French bistro fare – some rustic, some glammed-up

January 2010

His (Paul Pairet’s) "Jade on 36" on the 36th Floor of the Shangri-La Hotel, he made it the top spot gourmet of Shanghai. Now he has moved into his own restaurant and presented his French-Asian "fusion cuisine" in the "Mr. & Mrs. Bund"... his best creations, thank God, Pairet has taken with him.

January 2010

For gourmet midnight repasts head to Mr & Mrs Bund for the late night menu.

January 2010

Lo ha capito bene Paul Pairet, ex food-artist dello scoppiettante Jade on 36, che ha battezzato Mr. and Mrs. Bund, il suo attesissimo ristorante appena inaugurato negli spazi del posh Bund 18... (Paul Pairet, ex-food artist of the crackling Jade on 36, has dubbed Mr. and Mrs. Bund, its highly anticipated restaurant, which just opened in the posh areas of Bund 18...)

December 10, 2009

Mr & Mrs Bund breaks all the rules and offers a late-night "modern French eatery" dining experience on the Bund, cooked up by one other than the famous Paul Pairet. (...) This is late-night dining in class.

December 2009

Mr & Mrs Bund showcases the genius of Chef Paul Pairet, who first became a Shanghai sensation at Jade on 36. This restaurant is a casual modern French eatery serving authentic French classics family style

December 2009

...behind the simple names, Frenchman Paul Pairet hides perfect craftsmanship and a great deal of thought. In his “Mr & Mrs Bund” restaurant he creates great food that is completely detached from the ebb and flow of fashion and which he simplifies down to the very essence of perfection. (…) his intelligence is what impresses you most. And luckily for us, it's an intelligence you can eat!

December 2009

November 22, 2009

Paul Pairet is making a big comeback after hanging up his apron as chef-de-cuisine at Jade on 36. This time, he's at the helm of a sensual, Art Deco-inspired French dining salon with a grazing menu of up to 250 affordably priced creations. The lure? Part classic, part avant-garde French cuisine is executed with flair and

November 2009

The Bund houses three other must-do destinations on your top-notch tour through the city. The first is the new Mr. and Ms. Bund, a creation of traditional and inspirational French fine fare

October 2009

Asia A List Favourite restaurant Mr & Mrs Bund, Shanghai. The western food is great, with dishes shared in the traditional Chinese way

September 14, 2009

His Lemon & Lemon Tart is legendary...

September 4, 2009

Mr & Mrs Bund's Paul Pairet is one of Shanghai’s few truly big name chefs. The celebrated Frenchman first became a sensation at Jade on 36 where he bewitched and bewildered diners with avant-garde dishes as astonishing in taste as they were in artful appearance ...

September 2009

享用法餐的体验同样可以很后现代 (...) 从外观到内涵可以说都是对法餐的一种全新的尝试。(...)饥肠辘辘的派对动物,即便是凌晨4点也能在这里找到果腹美食。 (The so called French cuisine could be this contemporary... a whole new approach to French dining in and out... For those party animals who crave for food, they can enjoy delicacy here at 4 am.)

August 26, 2009

Modern French food is prepared by Chef Paul Pairet, most recently from Jade on 36 at the Pudong Shangri-La. Enough said.

August 21, 2009

Mr & Mrs Bund is Shanghai’s hottest new table

August, 2009

Pairet, formerly head chef of Jade on 36 at Pudong Shangri-La, has an international reputation for his highly original cuisine, but he’s channeling simplicity and popularity here

June 25, 2009

With the iconic Jade on 36 now serving calssical fare and the molecular maestro himself, Paul Pairet, serving simpler, brasserie dishes across the pond at the newly opened Mr & Mrs Bund, it was tempting to declare the end of the molecular.

June 11 2009

Extravagant eats at bearable price - Mr and Mrs Bund. Indeed, I’ve been charmed after several visits here— simple flavors, superlative ingredients and professional execution. An exquisite feast... A delicious bargain.

June, 2009

The attraction is actually to the renowned Chef Paul Pairet. (...) I was surprised to see that the magnificent menu was twice as large as our Metrozine, featuring selections that can be prepared in any manner imagined!


June 2009

French Chef Paul Pairet, who previously worked at Jade on 36 Pudong Shangri-la, is a master of avant-guard cuisine.

June, 2009

June 2009

This time PAIRET is letting the food do the talking with homey. But it isn't just the menu that should draw you here, it's the whole package: classy without being pretentious, sophisticated without being complex and smack dab in the heart of the bund. What more do you need?

May 31, 2009

Like all the restaurants on the Bund, the view from Mr and Mrs Bund is excellent. The deep red and black interior design give a nice romantic feel and the superb quality of the food make this restaurant worth a visit... in comparison to many of the other fine dinner restaurants within close proximity, it is a bit of a bargain.

May 25, 2009

The latest restaurant creation by Chef Paul Pairet, Mr & Mrs Bund is a massive undertaking and perhaps one of the most ingenious, amazing creations to enter the shanghai dining scene.

May 7, 2009

“MAD GENIUS” TONES DOWN TO HONE KITCHEN ARTS Love it or hate it, Jade on 36 put the city on Asia's culinary map and had critics raving about the intelligent design of Pairet's menus through the years

May, 2009

在Pairet心中,食物的好坏不是用价格来衡量,而加工他的人应该赋予它第二次生命 For Chef Pairet, the food is not to be judged by price. It is reborn after being processed by chefs.

May 2009

Chef Paul Pairet is a Picasso of the kitchen – he takes everything apart and rearranges the pieces in ways that seem unusual, and taste unforgettable. Guests ring a doorbell to enter Mr & Mrs Bund as if it were any ordinary residence, but inside await fantastical furnishings and Paul Pairet's extraordinary culinary permutations.

May, 2009

May, 2009

有“鬼才厨神”之称的 Paul Pairet 坐镇,主攻法式国际美食,刚刚开业已风头渐进,成为上海美食界的新热话! Helmed by "Mad Genius" Paul Pairet, this restaurant serves modern French cuisine. Even just opened, it has become the hot talk in Shanghai culinary scene!

May, 2009

Guest can dine in an almost Chinese-dish-sharing experience.

April 24, 2009

Paul Pairet, a rising star of French cuisine in Shanghai, crosses the Huangpu River in the other direction to open the No 18 on the Bund. Since his arrival in Shanghai in 2005, Paul Pairet has a reputation that exceeds the borders of Shanghai.

April 18, 2009

Mr. Pairet is the former Chef at Jade on 36, in my opinion one of the best restaurants in the world. The menu itself is probably the biggest I have ever seen. The food was in one world excellent. I was very impressed by this first visit and will certainly be back soon. I can only recommend this place. Even the prices are very reasonable for this kind of top restaurant.

April 14, 2009

In the past three years, Daniel Boulud and Joel Robuchon, two giants of French cooking, opened restaurants in Beijing and Hong Kong respectively. In addition, several promising young chefs, like Paul Pairet and David Laris, are making their mark by opening independent restaurant in Shanghai.

April 6, 2009

With this new venture Paul plans to open 'his' restaurant to serve modern French cuisine. Those of us who were big fans before can't wait to see how he is making it even better

April 3, 2009

料理本身是精湛的,比法式更丰富,做法无可挑剔。它提倡家庭式分享理念. (The food itself is exquisite, with more variety than French classics, and flawless. It (Mr & Mrs Bund) encourages family-style sharing concept.)

December 2008

Mr & Mrs Bund (...) In keeping with this more homey and familiar name, the menu will be completely torn up and rewritten, and Pairet is taking a radical departure from what he is known for (...) in general, he is moving away from the molecular and toward simpler, more traditional fare. Taking a cue from traditional Chinese restaurants, dinner will be served family style; yet the menu will still have a "French backbone." (...) Paul has another secret project in the works - and this one just sounds wild. It's still under approval, but we can tell you this much: it will have only one table for ten people. Courses will be complemented and interspersed with sights, sounds, and scents. It will be a holistically sensual dining experience.

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